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Bodyspheres on the Ball

Bodyspheres takes the stability ball workout to a whole new level. Improve your flexibility and co-ordination in fun and easy movements that feel more like playing than working out. For those of you who never knew quite what to do with the exercise ball, this is the program for you. Beginners and intermediate levels.

Fascial Stretch & Small Moves

This class introduces an intuitive method of stretching that is unique to each person's body and life experience. Learn to move in fluid ways, akin to your aquatic origins; finding connection with the breath as your body's intelligence and healer. Discover small, micro movements as a source for stilling the mind and integrating sound to transform physical density and restrictions.


Pilates is a body conditioning system targeting the deep, muscular support of the spine through a series of exercises that address postural balance, recuperative movement patterns, rhythmic breathing and whole body coordination. 
Core Classes Beginner & Essentials Plus Intermediate

World Dance Series - Folk

An introductory workshop of the traditional circle dances (oro) of Macedonia. Simple steps to beautiful, authentic music from this region. Experience the rich, folkloric quality of these community dances celebrating many of life's passages.
Workshop format

World Dance Series - Tap

Although many parts of the world have traditions with stepping, clogging, rhythmic footwork in their dance styles, we will explore the American dance form of tap. Proper body carriage and elementary steps are introduced as preparation for simple choreography. No tap shoes are necessary, just snug moccasins or slippers.
Workshop format

World Dance Series - Ballet

A dance style commencing in the royal courts of France and later finding its way to other parts of Europe and Russia. The elementary syllabus of carriage, arm and leg positions is introduced as well as beginner level barre and centre floor exercises. Ballet shoes are no required; socked feet.
Workshop format


For those who love imaginative exploration and welcome the element of surprise, this is the workshop for you! Although inspiration can come in many forms, the instrument of our bodies - through movement expression - is a particularly receptive vessel for the creative muse.
Workshop Format

Private Sessions

  • Craniosacral Reflexology
  • Pilates Mat
  • Reformer